600/I C - 601/I V - 602/I B

Flow micro-regulator series MRF inox

• AISI 316L (EN 1.4404) stainless steel body and FKM/FPM seals
• Reduced dimensions
• Excellent regulation
• Adjustment using an Allen wrench
• Available in Ø 4 - Ø 6 - Ø 8 - Ø 10 and 1/8” - 1/4” - 3/8” threaded ports
• Comes with a ring that can rotate even with the MRF mounted in position.

Cod.Ref.FØCH1CH2A minA maxBCDEConf.
E9001011I600/I C1/8429293219.5510.5910
E9001111I601/I V1/8429293219.5510.5910
E9001602I602/I B1/8429293219.5510.5910
E9001003I600/I C1/8629293222510.51210
E9001101I601/I V1/8629293222510.51210
E9001605I602/I B1/8629293222510.51210
E9001004I600/I C1/46310354023.56.511.51210
E9001102I601/I V1/46310354023.56.511.51210
E9001606I602/I B1/46310354023.56.511.51210
E9001005I600/I C1/8829293222.5510.51410
E9001103I601/I V1/8829293222.5510.51410
E9001607I602/I B1/8829293222.5510.51410
E9001006I600/I C1/483103540246.511.51410
E9001104I601/I V1/483103540246.511.51410
E9001608I602/I B1/483103540246.511.51410
E9001008I600/I C1/410310354026.56.511.51610
E9001106I601/I V1/410310354026.56.511.51610
E9001609I602/I B1/410310354026.56.511.51610
E9001009I600/I C3/8104144252289131610
E9001107I601/I V3/8104144252289131610
E9001610I602/I B3/8104144252289131610