603/I U - 604/I B

In-line flow regulator

The in-line flow regulator regulates the speed of the piston rod in the pneumatic cylinders.
Two versions are available:
• type U (unidirectional) regulates the flow only in one of the two directions of air flow.
• type B (bidirectional) regulates the flow in both directions of air flow.
Regulation: manual or with box wrench.
AISI 316L (EN 1.4404) stainless steel body.
The gasket are in FKM/FPM.

Cod.Ref.FPEHN maxAB maxCGIDMChLConf.
E9001701I603/I U1/88.524M12x0.754.534561523132016144.510
E9001702I603/I U1/4735M18x1.54.550752535203023225.510
E9001801I604/I B1/88.524M12x0.754.534561523132016144.510
E9001802I604/I B1/4735M18x1.54.550752535203023225.510